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King Castle Combo -1hp-



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Product Information:

L 30' x W 11' x H 14'


5 in 1 combo, includes 2 basketball hoops (Inside & outside), jump area, wall climb and tall slide! Can be used wet or dry. Customize your moon bounce by adding a Themed Panel for $25. ๐Ÿ‘‘  ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐ŸŒž

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:


Space Needed:


  • Big Trucks 1636478823 King Castle Combo -1hp-Big Trucks Banner
  • IMG 3130 1649791128 King Castle Combo -1hp-Blue Hedgehog Banner

  • 203D 1650049661 King Castle Combo -1hp-Car town Banner

  • Carnival 1636474837 King Castle Combo -1hp-Carnival Banner
  • 416A0004 copy 1636486594 King Castle Combo -1hp-Christmas Banner

  • IMG 4B3022D69ABB 1 1656352296 King Castle Combo -1hp-Construction Banner

  • 416A0194 copy 1636486896 King Castle Combo -1hp-Cute Mouse Banner

  • IMG 0339 1622676255 King Castle Combo -1hp-Dinosaur Banner

  • Dog Patrol 1636478890 King Castle Combo -1hp-Dog Patrol Banner
  • IMG 0011 2 1627303202 King Castle Combo -1hp-Dolls Banner

  • Untitled design 2 1649790215 King Castle Combo -1hp-Enchanted Banner

  • Screenshot 20200727 125930 1595957102 King Castle Combo -1hp-Frozen Banner
  • Screen Shot 2021 05 28 at 12.30.01 PM 1622219490 King Castle Combo -1hp-Graduation Banner

  • 416A0019 copy 1636486647 King Castle Combo -1hp-Halloween Banner
  • 217E 1650049691 King Castle Combo -1hp-Happy Birthday Banner

  • Island Girl 1636478782 King Castle Combo -1hp-Island Girl Banner
  • Lets Celebrate 1636477984 King Castle Combo -1hp-Lets Celebrate Banner
  • Untitled design 3 1649790322 King Castle Combo -1hp-Melon Banner

  • Mine Game 1636478712 King Castle Combo -1hp-Mine Banner
  • Mouse banner 1636478054 King Castle Combo -1hp-Mouse Club Banner
  • IMG 4494 2 1659974415 King Castle Combo -1hp-Night Time Super Heroes 1 banner

  • IMG 4494 1659974480 King Castle Combo -1hp-Night Time Super Heroes 2 banner

  • 416A0048 copy 1636486732 King Castle Combo -1hp-Ninja Toys Banner

  • Noah 1636478847 King Castle Combo -1hp-Noah Banner
  • Pets 1636479029 King Castle Combo -1hp-Pets banner

  • 416A0066 copy 1636486825 King Castle Combo -1hp-Piggy Banner

  • Untitled design 1643833883 King Castle Combo -1hp-Pokeman banner

  • Princess 1636478915 King Castle Combo -1hp-Princess Banner
  • 9F6A7652 1591844107 King Castle Combo -1hp-Secret Life of Pets
  • Skins 1636478947 King Castle Combo -1hp-Skins Banner
  • 123 1 1652192201 King Castle Combo -1hp-Space Rocket Banner

  • Space Wars 1636479000 King Castle Combo -1hp-Space Wars Banner
  • Spider boy 1636478973 King Castle Combo -1hp-Spider Banner
  • IMG 4273 1654093193 King Castle Combo -1hp-Story about toys banner

  • Super boy 1636475548 King Castle Combo -1hp-Super Banner
  • 221A 1650049738 King Castle Combo -1hp-Super Hero's Banner

  • Toy Doctor 1636475031 King Castle Combo -1hp-Toy Doctor Banner
  • IMG 3438 1603320097 King Castle Combo -1hp-Train Banner
  • Troll Dolls 1636479076 King Castle Combo -1hp-Troll Banner
  • Turtles 1636478609 King Castle Combo -1hp-Turtles Banner

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Professional delivery to Nokesville VA and surrounding areas. Please submit a quote or contact us if you want to make sure we service your area.
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